THE MOJO is a brand that stands for effortless, timeless quality clothing, inspired by the colors and the people from the sun.
Our goal is to promote self love, slow fashion and conscious living in harmony with nature.
All of our items are designed by us, the fabrics are all carefully handpicked and our items are handmade in Holland.

Our brand name is derived from the word “mojo”, which is used to name someone’s special  gift, influence or magical charm.
The interpretation of the word has changed a bit through the years, but it is strongly believed that it comes from the word “moco’o”, which means ‘Medicine man’ in Fula.

THE MOJO welcomes all women, in every shape or shade, with love. We especially stand for representation of women who have been underrepresented in mainstream fashion and media for a long time. We want to implement and represent natural, African beauty and warm colours into our collections.

We are magnificent, beautiful, divine creatures. Let’s love our true selves and celebrate who we are. We see you, and we see your magic.
Because it’s never been a hype for us. We were born with that mojo.

With love,